Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nothing Beats the Style and Versatility of the Brogue

Nothing beats the style of a well-made pair of Brogue oxfords or bluchers (Derbys). The word brogue derives from the Gaelic word for shoes "Brog", brogues are distinguished from other shoes by their distinct perforated patterns. Born from the traditional craftsmanship of Scottish shoemaking; brogues gained popularity in men's fashion during the nineteenth century. Shoemakers originally adopted the style from shoes worn by Scottish women. Brogues come in either two styles full-brogue or half-brogue. The full-brogue, which is known to Americans as "Wingtips" have a perforated design that starts at the vamp and runs to the back of the shoe, while, the half-brogue's perforation stops short of the toecap. One of the important values of the brogue is that it can be worn with both formal and casual attire, a gentlemen can wear them with his suit, chinos or jeans and yet be perfectly fashionable.

Loake Wingtips

Church's Toecaps
They add a wonderful hint of style and elegance to a casual outfit; nothing looks more refined than a blazer, oxford shirt, sweater or sweatshirt, jeans and brogues while strolling through a flea market or walking a path on a crisp fall day. And, if you are fortunate to have a formal affair that evening you can pair your brogues with a suit or slacks and blazer, with either option they will look fantastic. Here are few gents that know how to wear their brogues, check them out and pick up a few pointers to add to your own style.


Pictures courtesy of  Loake English Shoes and Les Frères JO' "Street Look" 

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