Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Navy Blazer - An Essential Piece in the Dandy's Wardrobe

Blue Cashmere Blazer by
Jack Victor
There is nothing more versatile in the dandy's wardrobe than his trusty blue blazer. Men have been wearing blazers for over a hundred years; although, some may dispute the origin of the jacket's beginning; however, the most likely story is that it was first worn in 1837 by the Lady Margaret Boating Club of Cambridge University. Yet, the color of the single-breasted jacket was not blue in the beginning, it was a vibrant red hue hence leading to it being called a blazer as in "scarlet blazer". Shortly, after Cambridge debuted their coat other schools took to wearing similar jackets, howbeit the colors they choose were not red. By the 1880's, the name blazer became synonymous with the jacket and the predominant color of choice for Ivy Leaguers was navy blue. One of the great things about the blazer is the many options you have with wearing it, you can dress it up as well as dress it down. View how MRPORTER's style director Dan May demonstrates in this video 5 ways you can wear a navy blazer to either work, school or play.



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