Friday, March 1, 2013

Dress Shirts 101 - The Tab Collar Shirt

GQ Endorses 3/2013 Photo by Peggy Sirota
According to Bernhard Roetzel, author of "Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion" the tab collar was initially worn by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII wore it on a trip to the United States and Americans quickly took to the style and every since it has been a staple of American haberdashery. The purpose of this style shirt as well as the pin collar tab shirt is to highlight the tie knot; it’s a modest adaptation of the classic turndown collar. To pull this style off, you have to wear it with a soft structured medium to thin width tie (silk or light cotton knit). In addition, you have to tie your tie knot as small as possible; the four-in-hand method is the best approach to achieving the small knot. I don't suggest filling your wardrobe with tab collar shirts simply because they're one dimension. You can only wear them when wearing a tie, which is why they've been somewhat less visible over the last few years. However, according to GQ Magazine the style has reemerged among fashionably conscious young men looking to reinstate fine men's style. Last, but not least, keep in mind that this shirt is a little more fashionable than your traditional turndown collar, it looks best when you wear it with a suit and modest accessories.  

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