Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Favorite Designers, Brands and Haberdasheries - # 1

Commonwealth Proper

Custom & ready-to-wear clothing for the contemporary gentleman. All Commonwealth Proper garments are proudly cut and assembled by hand in the United States. We promote timeless style through classic garments with understated, personalized details.

1732 Spruce St., 1F
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: 215-435-0809
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Trunk Shows:
We visit LA, NYC & other cities often.
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Press Inquiries:
Tel: 610-389-7615

Commonwealth Proper - Vol. #1 from Commonwealth Proper on Vimeo.

Commonwealth Proper - Vol. #2 - Shirt-making in the United States from Commonwealth Proper on Vimeo.

Commonwealth Proper - Vol. #3 - NYC Fashion Week from Commonwealth Proper on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Style Rule # 21 - Make sure your shoes sync with your casual attire

Great styling advice; however, ignore his references to flip-flops, real dandies don't wear those hideous things outside of the gym shower.