Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Way I Dress - Nick Sullivan - Mr Porter

Style Rule # 15 - How to Wear the Modern Suit

  • The shirt and jacket sleeves (the jacket should be just a 1/2 inch short of the shirt's cuff) length should end right at the top of the thumb.
  • The jacket length should fall just at the top of the thigh with the back of the suit just slightly falling beneath the butt
  • The suit should have a perfect "V" shape silhouette, therefor the shoulder pads have to extend beyond the shoulders and biceps
  • The bottom of the trousers should stop just at the top of the shoes
  • View the video below to see it come all together

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Style Hype # 1 - The Reemergence of a Classic Loafer

Brooks Brothers re-introduces us again to the classic American influenced loafer. So, blow the dust off your old penny loafers (or buy a new pair from Brooks) and wear them with a pair of slim-cut strait leg jeans, a crisp white oxford button down collar shirt and a tan corduroy jacket(both custom fit)...because they're back babe; check out The History of the Penny Loafer

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mackintosh - Behind the Brand Series - Mr Porter


Grenson - Behind the Brand Series - Mr Porter

Style Rule # 5 - The Way I Pack - Mr Porter

Jeans vs. Chinos - Join the Debate Mr Porter


Humorous Video on How to Elevate Your Style - Mr Porter

Style Rule # 4 - Your Most Important Fashion Accessory

Your most important fashion accessory! Clothes can't compensate for what you lack  in physical appearance and personality.  Take care of your physical appearance by engaging in rigorous weekly exercise and maintaining a well balanced diet. As for your personality, try to be positive, open-minded, and always looking for an opportunity to compliment, support and encourage others that may not be as well put together as you. Remember, what you wear is only one facet of your image, physical fitness makes the clothes look good on you; however, a good personality sells the entire package.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Style Rule # 3 - Jacket Buttoning Etiquette

mens_suitsI notice this fashion fopa a lot among men both fashionable and fashion less; not knowing which button to fasten when wearing a dress jacket is a common shortcoming. The proper button(s) to fasten depends on the number of buttons you have on the jacket. If you are wearing a two button jacket you should only fasten the top button thus leaving the bottom button undone. If you are wearing a three button jacket, you should only fasten the middle or second button, leaving the top and bottom buttons unfastened. When wearing the rare single-button-jacket, you should only fasten the obvious one button. Finally, when wearing a double-breasted jacket, you only need fasten the top and second buttons, the three or bottom button should remain unclosed

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Style Rule # 2 - Right Shoe for the Right Occassion

Casual dress shoes are best paired with slacks (no blazer), khakies, and jeans
Closed Lacing Cap Toe Half-Brogue Oxford
Open Lacing Derby or Blucher
Formal dress shoes are best paired with suits, slacks and blazer and tuxedos 
Closed Lacing Wing Tip Full-Brogue Oxford

Closed Lacing Oxford

Unusual Style Tip # 1 - " Tailoring" Your Suit

One of the ways to give an off-the-rack suit a tailored look is to sleep in it overnight. By lying in your suit overnight, you subtly shape it to the natural contours of your body, giving it that bespoken look.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Style Rule # 1 - How to Mix Patterns, Textures, and Prints

Ralph Lauren

A lot of us don’t know how to combine patterns, textures, and prints into one (attractive) contiguous outfit. If this is your challenge, here are a few rules you should consider particularly if you are a novice at combining different colors and textures. One, always anchor your patterns in at least one solid color. This helps to tone down more aggressive colors and patterns such as pink plaids, yellow madras or red stripes; a solid tie is great way to ground colors. Another rule would be to avoid combining vertical stripes with vertical stripes or horizontal stripes with horizontal stripes, unless you want to look like a zebra or tiger. Third, when possible colors of accessories such as belts and watchbands should always match the hue of your shoes (however, textures don’t have to match, frankly it wouldn’t hurt if you mixed them up a bit. For instance, you might not want to wear alligator shoes, an alligator belt and an alligator watchband together…through in some cow leather so that you don’t have alligator OVERKILL). Last, no matter how fashion savvy you think you are, the best thing to do when in doubt about your color combination, is to ask someone who loves you what they think about the ensemble. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for their critique before you leave the house, its best to hear it from them than to hear it whispered behind your back.   

Finding the Right Shoes to Wear

How to Buy a Suit That Fits

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr Porter

The Way I Dress Series - Mr. Porter