Sunday, February 24, 2013

Great Fashion Embodies Ageless Symbolism

Here are a few of the things I look for in men's fashion beyond the basics of color, material, and fit: the sexy silhouette of a Grecian goddess; the "organic architectural" design of a Franklin Lloyd Wright building; the smooth melodic flow of Miles Davis' "Blue in Green"; the raw urban sophistication of a Jean-Michel Basquait painting; the powerful crescendo emphasis of Beethoven's 5th Symphony; the elegance and style of the 1948 Aston Martin DB1; and the seemingly effortless complex choreography of a Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers dance  routine. Clothes embodying these characteristics tend to have endless style and appeal and similar to a vintage wine they only get better over time.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Favorite Designers, Brands and Haberdasheries - # 2

David Hart & Co.

David Hart of David Hart & Co. has launched his new men's clothing line during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. The line is a throwback to the formal style of the nineteen fifties and sixties; however, the tailoring is remarkably modern and hip. To give an authentic feel and look to the collection, David used traditional fabrics such as mohair and tweed. Although, his company is mostly known in the industry for producing exquisite handmade ties, pocket squares and socks (Made in the USA), he feels passionately about starting his new men's clothing project. I have been a fan of David Hart & Co. ties since I first saw them a year ago in GQ Magazine; I like them so much that I no longer wear any other brands’ bowties. I cannot wait to see the effect his clothing line will have on me, I hope it will be the same. (Source: DNAinfo.comNew York)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Style Rule # 23 - Create Your Fashion "Bucket-List".


Here are my ten must have fashion items. The brands I have put on this list are legendary, they're what I call "Legacy Brands" or instant heirlooms. Quality clothes, shoes and accessories should last forever and if possible increase in their value overtime. All the brands on my bucket-list have that level of quality and endurance; what about your favorite brands, can they pass the test of time?  

1. Barbour Lowland Jacket
2. Rolex The Oyster Perpetual II Datejust
3. Red Wing Shoe The Heritage Collection Style # 8114 Iron Ranger
4. Ghurka Duffle Bag the Cavalier II No. 97 Chestnut Leather
5. Ray Ban Sunglasses The Original Wayfarer RB2410
6. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made-to-Measure Suite
7. Church's Heavy Sole Burwood Polished Oxford Wingtip Brogues
8. David Yurman Bracelet
9. Thomas Pink Shirt Slim Fit
10. Borsalino Fedora

Friday, February 8, 2013

Style Rule # 22 - Know How to Complement Your Ensamble With an Appropriate Accessory

A dandy’s choice of accessories, that is the color, material, pattern and texture says a lot about his style accruement. Accessorizing an ensemble requires the delicate precision of a master sushi chef; colors must entwine into the perfect tapestry, patterns must not be divergent or monotone, and textures should contrast in a complementing manner. These gentlemen got it right, thanks MR PORTER!