Monday, June 13, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ace Marks an Affordable Luxury Brand with an Altruistic Mission

Introducing Ace Marks, a $600 luxury shoe for less than $200. Ace Marks is handcrafted in Italy by a family of 4th generation master craftsmen. Their work for other labels usually retails north of $600 currently offered at $200.

Ace Marks Oxford
They buy back shoes and donate them. Partnering with Career Gear, the brand will take back worn pairs of Ace Marks and give customers a $60 credit towards a new pair.  The worn pairs are donated to help men in need get back on their feet and rejoin the workforce.
Ace Marks are Stylish yet professional. 
The brand wanted to provide professionals with the ability to wear a dress shoe that is very stylish but still professional. Ace Marks were designed for the modern professional who has a bit of swagger and is looking to step up their style and stature.

images and content courtesy of blinkpr