Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dandy Style for the Saturday Casual Look

Sometimes it is difficult for men to put together a dapper weekend casual look. Trying to pull it off requires an understanding of how to coordinate different fabrics, colors and textures to make the arrangement look unique and individually fashionable. A properly attired dandy cannot just wear jeans and a t-shirt or khakis and an oxford shirt and still consider himself fashionably dressed; no for a dandy these things are merely the foundations for which he will build his master piece rendering. Here are a few Saturday morning gents that got it right in the city of brotherly love.
Khaki Blue Crested Blazer, Madras Vest, Red Ascot - Polo Ralph Lauren
Wool Sports Coat, Purple Cashmere Cable Sweater, Red Pocket Square - Polo Ralph Lauren

Tailored Wool Blue Blazer, Tan Cardigan, Blue Denim Jeans and Black Slippers (not in picture) - Polo Ralph Lauren

Red Sweater, Yellow Tie, Engineered Denim, Shoe Boots - Brooks Brothers, Urban Outfitters and Stacy Adams
Wool Spots Coat, Denim Dress Shirt, Tie, Blue Pocket Square - Boyds Philadelphia

Blue Jacket and Jeans with Chocolate Brown Suede Boots   

Powder Blue Sport Coat, Blue Trousers - Boyds Philadelphia

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