Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Arnette Optical Collection

Just because its winter, it does mean that you have to put away your hippest and coolest fashionable sunglasses. To the contrary, sunglasses are as equally important in the winter as they are in the summer, mainly because they provide the same protections. During parts of the winter the sun is still significantly bright and there are few things less blinding than the glare of the suns off a freshly fallen layer of snow. Not only, is it important that your sunglasses function properly to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sun exposure, in addition, they should make a serious fashion statement like these Arnette Fashion Sunshades worn by Jon. These sunglasses are perfect for winter wear and they're well crafted and beautifully accented with a rich logo that exudes confidence, glamour and style. Known mostly by extreme sportsmen for their sports apparel, the company recently launched their optical collection at Vision Expo West. The frames are definitely a far cry from the more aggressive sunglasses and snow goggles they usually create.

Every frame in the collection incorporates spring hinges and flexible, handcrafted acetate that helps ensure a custom fit. Rich logo detailing and diverse color options add to the each frame's unique style. MSRP starts at $130 retail, web is Each frame comes in about five different colors.

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